If you are a homeowner experiencing temporary or permanent financial difficulties and are worried you will be unable to pay your mortgage, you may qualify for assistance.

Depending upon your financial circumstances, there may be options available which could help you avoid foreclosure. These may include: Loan Modification, Temporary Forbearance, Refinancing, Deed-in-Lieu of Froeclosure or Pre-Foreclosure sale.

Below are some important steps you should take:

1) Contact Your Lender - If you are having trouble making your payments, contact Pacific Crest Savings Bank Loan Servicing at (800) 335-4126 or (425) 670-9600 to discuss your situation and the options mentioned above.

2) Gather the following Financial Documents - You will need to gather the following documents when you meet to discuss your loan options for avoiding foreclosure:

  • Completed Personal Financial Statement (contact us for the form)
  • Completed request for Transcript of Tax Return (contact us for the form)
  • Signed copy of the most recently filed Tax Returns (including all schedules)
  • Copies of your last month’s pay stubs
  • Copy of your most current bank statements

3) Additional Assistance and Resources to Contact - The following resources may provide you with important information and assistance: