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A new page to honor John Fairchild and Harry Sankey.

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Get to know more about Scott Gibson, our senior vice president and lending manager!

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What Makes Us Different?

We help businesses grow.

What defines a community bank? One among our many advantages is the opportunity to build a relationship with each client that best serves their distinct needs. All clients bring their own strengths and perspectives to the table. Some qualities are tangible and easily quantifiable, but many others must be assessed in-person to be fully understood. Passion. Ingenuity. Dedication. These qualities all matter, and as a community bank we get to account for them all.


We don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. Hear from some of our clients about the ways we’ve helped them grow.

Placing the Pieces of a Thriving Retail Property Portfolio

Dino Christophilis knows how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to create a successful retail property investment. Alongside his wife of 23-years, Nikki, the Christophilises own and operate an independent portfolio of retail properties spanning from the U-District to the southern reaches of White Center.

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JRJ Development finds the nimble financing it needs to seize opportunities and build dreams into reality with Pacific Crest

JRJ Development doesn’t just build dream homes, they know how to lay a concrete foundation for lasting success. In the booming multifamily development and homebuilding industries, the key to staying on top is being just as fast, agile and adaptable as the market — and having a banking partner that can keep pace.

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