Meet some of our amazing clients.

From providing the financial backbone to bring their dreams to life, to delivering comprehensive banking services that help manage and grow their businesses from wherever they are, we enable our clients to reach their goals.

We know that everyone’s banking needs are different, so we don’t have a one-size-fits-all solution for our clients. We hope you’ll read some of the case studies below to hear in their words about how we’ve helped them grow.

Part Two: Strengthening Partnerships During Challenging Times

Dino Christophilis is no stranger to navigating a business through turbulent times. Over the past 20 years, Dino and his team have built an independent portfolio of thriving retail properties throughout the greater Puget Sound region. Between a global pandemic and an ever-changing economy, for Dino, the world of retail and property management has changed since 2018.

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Seeing the Forest Through the Trees: How PCSB Partners with a Local Real Estate Developer to Navigate Complex Deals

About a decade ago, as the economy reeled from the Great Recession, Seattle resident and business consultant Greg Avedesian saw an opportunity in the real estate market.

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Placing the Pieces of a Thriving Retail Property Portfolio

Dino Christophilis knows how to fit the pieces of the puzzle together to create a successful retail property investment. Alongside his wife of 23-years, Nikki, the Christophilises own and operate an independent portfolio of retail properties spanning from the U-District to the southern reaches of White Center.

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JRJ Development finds the nimble financing it needs to seize opportunities and build dreams into reality with Pacific Crest

JRJ Development doesn’t just build dream homes, they know how to lay a concrete foundation for lasting success. In the booming multifamily development and homebuilding industries, the key to staying on top is being just as fast, agile and adaptable as the market — and having a banking partner that can keep pace.

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Cracking the Fuel Formula: Driving ASJ Management’s Growth in the C-Store Market

Navigating the world of gas station and convenience store management isn’t for the faint of heart. Managing massive inventory, edging out stiff competition and excelling in an industry beholden to stringent regulation requires commitment and stamina.

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Building Business: Arsene Construction Finds Tailored Financing Leads to Better Growth with Pacific Crest

Arsene Construction never retraces its steps. Instead, the Seattle-based contractor relishes the challenge of creating…

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