Pacific Crest has been providing financial services in the Pacific Northwest for over three decades!

Providing specialized loans for commercial, multifamily and residential properties along with construction loans for our local builders.

We think you’ll like what you see from the Crest.

Portfolio Loans

Loans for the Puget Sound Region

Designed for borrowers who don’t fit the exact qualification requirements of conventional loan programs. Portfolio Loans allow us to offer financing for unique situations. As a small local lender, we understand the needs of our community and have the ability to offer loan programs designed specifically for the Puget Sound region.

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Loan Details

  • 1 – 4 family, multifamily, floating homes, small commercial and mixed-use properties
  • Purchase and refinances
  • No limit on the number of properties owned
  • Short term products without prepayment penalties are available
  • Long term options with prepayment and without prepayment are available
  • Unique Vesting for LLCs, Limited Partnerships, and Corporations
  • Western Washington State properties only
  • For a personalized rate quote, please contact:
    • Scott Gibson for multifamily, small commercial and mixed-use properties
    • Johnny Smith for 1 – 4 family property and floating homes

Income Property Lending

Financing That Makes Sense

Consider Pacific Crest Savings Bank for purchases and refinances for your multifamily, small commercial or mixed-use property. We offer clean and simple loans for your income properties. Our experienced income property lenders are committed to building strong, long-term relationships.

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Loan Details

  • Multifamily, small commercial real estate and mixed use properties
  • Purchases and refinances
  • Flexible programs with amortization up to 30 years
  • Vesting for LLCs, Limited Partnerships, Corporations and Revocable Trusts
  • Western Washington State properties only
  • Please contact Scott Gibson for a personalized rate quote

Business Banking

To compliment your business financing, we offer an appealing array of depository and cash management services. Whether your preference is Remote Deposit or Business Courier, we will customize the appropriate mix of solutions providing efficiency, security and personal attention to your relationship. Please contact our Client Services Team for more information.

Construction Loans

Builder Financing for New Construction

Pacific Crest Savings Bank offers custom lending solutions to experienced, professional builders and developers all over the Puget Sound region. Our Construction Lending Group is dedicated to helping our clients build in our community and we welcome the opportunity to serve you!

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Loan Details

  • Spec-construction, small sub-divisions, small condo projects, single lot projects, and multifamily projects
  • Up to 75% Loan-to-Value, minimum equity requirement of 5 to 15% of hard costs
  • Please contact Scott Gibson for more information and a personalized rate quote

Floating Home Loans

Perfect Loans for Floating Homes

A floating home is a rare gem of the Pacific Northwest — and so is a bank that finances one! Pacific Crest is pleased to support our water-loving neighbors with specialized financing for floating home purchases and refinances on co-op and condo docks.

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Loan Details

  • Purchases and refinances
  • Floating homes within the City of Seattle on Lake Union and Portage Bay
  • Cooperative and condominium moorages only
  • Please contact Johnny Smith for a personalized rate quote

Meet Our Lending Team

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