Online Banking

Pacific Crest Online Banking lets you do your banking quickly and securely, anytime, anywhere. Online Banking is free and available for individuals and businesses.

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Online Banking Basics

  • Review account activity conveniently in one place
  • View images of checks
  • Make external transfers to your bank accounts at other financial institutions
  • Transfer funds between eligible Pacific Crest accounts
  • Person-to-Person (P2P) payment
  • Setup numerous event alerts or reminders delivered to your email address
  • Bill pay
  • Opt to receive Online Statements
  • Communicate securely with our Client Services Team

FAQ – Online Banking

How Do I Enroll?
Business clients will need to contact Client Services at (800) 335-4126 for your login credentials before enrolling.

For all other clients with a Pacific Crest account, please click here to enroll.

Who Do I Call if I Need Help Using Online Banking?
We’re here to answer your questions during our regular business hours at (800) 335-4126.

What Sort of Security Does Pacific Crest Online Banking Offer?
We have an enhanced login that is called multi-layered authentication and consists of validation and authentication of an individual using more than one method of verification. It helps protect against online fraud by providing an additional layer of protection beyond simply a username and password.

Person-to-Person (P2P) Payment

Person-to-Person (P2P) payment allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to another individual’s account via our online banking or our mobile app.

How it Works:

Using online banking or the mobile banking app, enter the amount of funds you wish to send. Enter the recipient’s email address or phone number. After the transfer has been initiated, the recipient receives a notification to use an online interface to input their bank account information and routing number to accept the transfer of funds. The recipients do not need to have an account with Pacific Crest in order to receive the money transfer.

Mobile Banking App

Bank on the go with the Pacific Crest Savings Bank (“paccrest”) Mobile Banking App.  It’s free, convenient and secure allowing you to:

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  • View deposit and loan account balances
  • View recent activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Deposit checks*
  • Locate and get directions to ATM’s and our branch location

*You can deposit checks by simply taking a picture of the front and back of an endorsed check.  It’s that easy and your deposit is confirmed.

To use the Paccrest App, you need to be a Pacific Crest Online Banking user.  Access your accounts on the App using your existing Online Banking username and password.

Mobile Banking App – Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact us at (800) 335-4126 or with any questions.

Where can I find the Pacific Crest Mobile Banking App?
Our Mobile Banking App is free to download from the Google Play Store™ (Android) or the Apple App Store™ (iPhone/iPad). Search for Paccrest.

Apple App Store Google Play Store

Is there a cost to the Pacific Crest Mobile Banking App?
No. Pacific Crest does not charge to download our Mobile Banking App. Regular transaction fee associated with your account(s) may apply.

There may be a data cost related to accessing the Pacific Crest mobile banking app from your mobile device carrier. Please check with your wireless plan or verify with your wireless carrier.

What is Mobile Deposit?
Mobile Deposit allows you to take a picture of your check and deposit it remotely into your account. Please reference the disclosures located at or contact us at (800) 335-4126

How do I Register for Mobile Banking?

  • Enroll in Pacific Crest’s Online Banking
  • Download the free App from the Google Play Store™ (Android), or the Apple App Store™ (iPhone/iPad)
  • Simply enter your Online Banking username and password to log into your account.

What accounts are available in Mobile Banking?
You will have access to the same accounts that you have through Online Banking, including deposit and loan accounts.

How can I protect my security and privacy?
Your security and privacy are one of the utmost importance to Pacific Crest Saving Bank. To protect both you and your accounts, we recommend that you visit and

Mobile Check Endorsements

There are new Federal Reserve rules that dictate how all checks must be endorsed for electronic and mobile deposits. The new regulations are designed to help counter check fraud, money laundering, and ultimately safeguard your finances even more.

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What Do I Need to Do:

Beginning on December 1, 2018, in addition to endorsing with your signature, checks that you deposit through our Pacific Crest Mobile App or by Remote Deposit Capture (RDC), will need to name the bank into which you’re depositing the funds.

For example, on the back of a check that you deposit with our PacCrest Mobile App, simply write this additional language:  “For Mobile Deposit PCSB Only”

Here is a full example of the new endorsement with your signature:


If you use a check scanner for business deposits, you will write or stamp this additional language on each check:  “For Remote Deposit PCSB Only”

What If I Forget to Write the New Endorsement?

We understand that it may take some time for this new step to become a habit. Eventually, checks that are missing the additional endorsement may be denied.  Additionally, if your check is missing the complete endorsement, and it is deposited more than once, your account will be debited for the amount of the check.

We suggest using the complete endorsement right away to engrain the practice.

Where Can I Get Help?

We are always here to help. If you have any questions, please contact us at either or (800) 335-4126.

Electronic Deposit Recommended Best Practices

Best Practices: Help Mitigate Risk

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Protection of Security Devices, User ID and Passwords

  • Pacific Crest Saving Bank will only distribute online and mobile banking access credentials to account owners and co-owners.
  • Use strong complex passwords and change them periodically.
  • All security procedures and access credentials should be protected, confidential, and accessible to only authorized users of accounts.
  • Notify us immediately, if any security procedures or credentials are stolen or become known to non-account-holders.
  • Maintain workstations, computers and internet access in a secure environment. This includes keeping up to date operating systems, security patches, antivirus software, and spyware to protect against viruses and malware.

Marking Electronically Deposited Checks as Deposited

  • To make sure that an electronically deposited check is not processed multiple times in print or electronic form, we recommend noting on the face that it has already been deposited electronically.
  • Marking a check this way allows you to identify that it has been deposited if it becomes mixed with undeposited checks.
  • You can choose to mark your checks manually, with a stamp, or by another means to show they have been electronically deposited.
  • We also suggest marking checks again after you receive confirmation that the deposit was received and accepted by Pacific Crest.

Check Retention Archive Requirement

  • Checks processed through the mobile banking app or Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) system should be retained for a period of 60 days.
  • Report any errors within 60 days, after which time Pacific Crest will consider the transaction correct.

Secure Storage

  • We recommend that customers securely store all checks and related banking information until destruction.
  • It works well to store processed checks away from where you make deposits to prevent them from being deposited again.
  • For businesses, we recommend having one person be responsible for storing processed checks and another to handle the active deposits.
  • Again, we recommend storing deposited checks for 60 days to allow processing time for any items that may be returned, and for reviewing transactions and reconciling bank statements.

Secure Destruction

  • After the 60 day retention period, items should be disposed of using a secure process.
  • We strongly recommend using crosscut shredding for check destruction.

 Additional Best Practices for Businesses

  • Establish policies and procedures based on the recommendations of this document.
  • We recommend separating depositing duties, as possible. For example, you could have one employee complete the check scanning process and another send the batch of checks to the bank.
  • Perform periodic audits to ensure your internal controls are working correctly.
  • Create a backup plan for depositing print checks, should electronic deposit not be working correctly for some reason.
  • Remove inactive users or others who are no longer employed at your company from account access.
  • Notify Pacific Crest of important business changes such as the relocation of your check scanners.


Online Statements

Switch to paperless Online Statements!

Benefits of Online Statements Include:

  • Convenient: Receive email notification when your statement is ready
  • Accessible: 24/7 access to 12 months’ statements via Online Banking
  • Private & Secure: Encrypted PDF with password-protected access
  • Flexible: View, store, download or print statements on your own terms
  • Green: An environmentally friendly option. Save a tree!

You must be enrolled in Online Banking to access Online Statements.
Online Statements are available on all money market and checking accounts.