Employee Spotlight: Kevin Hogan

If you encounter Kevin Hogan around the bank or in the community, he’s sure to leave you with a smile on your face. Albeit, these days, smiles are witnessed by the sparkle in one’s eyes above a face mask. As Pacific Crest’s senior vice president of client services, Kevin oversees the organization’s deposits and banking functions. Over his nearly 35-year career, he’s developed a knack for cultivating relationships, and his special approach to customer service is rooted in truly getting to know the people he works with – sprinkled with a bit of humor, when the timing’s right.

Originally from the Midwest, Kevin came to Washington state to attend college. After graduating, he landed an entry-level position with CityBank, where he spent the better part of two decades serving clients from a range of roles, eventually rising to chief operations officer. From there, he also spent a number of years in a similar leadership role with a Korean American community bank, before making the move to Pacific Crest.

When he joined Pacific Crest in 2014, Kevin was drawn to the organization’s tight-knit culture and community banking philosophy. As the team lead for client service, he appreciates that working at Pacific Crest gives him the latitude to invest time in understanding clients’ needs, and to work with a skilled team to deliver creative financial solutions tailored to each individuals’ circumstances.

One of the hallmarks of Kevin’s customer service is his commitment to getting to know the client as a person, and not simply as client. What makes them tick?  What is their story, their successes and failures? Kevin believes in actually getting to know a person, and that gaining their trust and mutual respect creates a stronger foundation to build a lasting relationship.

Kevin’s motto is, “You usually don’t ask someone to marry you on the first date!” and it’s an approach that he’s continued to successfully implement, as every business has pivoted to an online format in light of COVID-19. When we’re not living in a pandemic, you’re more likely to find Kevin out in the community than sitting at his desk. Either way, if you do happen to catch him, be sure to ask him for his latest joke.

Hear more from Kevin about working at Pacific Crest:

“I love learning clients’ stories and figuring out the best way that we can help attain and support their dreams. Whether I’m meeting with clients at their business or touching base over the phone, Pacific Crest really reinforces the importance of relationships and gives me the reins to develop those bonds.”

“At Pacific Crest, there was an immediate sense of family and genuine care. My colleagues not only encourage my creativity and face-to-face outreach, they make it easy to talk about the ways that our bank can really support members of the community. I’ve loved being part of this group who really live out our promises daily.”

Fun Facts:

What is something that people might not know about you? I collect vintage drinking glasses that fast food restaurants used to offer. I have over 1,200 in my collection, which features all sorts of characters from ET, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, you name it. I have about a third of them on display – but don’t even think about asking to use one for a drink!

What is an interesting fact about your family? I have five grown children that are seven years apart in age. This year, we celebrated two virtual graduations and one semi-virtual wedding. My wife is also in banking, and we’ve loved watching our kids grow and develop and successfully pursue their own passions.