Sending Documents Securely with Voltage SecureMail

Sending documents via the internet without encryption is not recommended. Messages can traverse multiple public mail servers before it reaches its final destination. We can provide the ability to send documents to us securely by using Voltage SecureMail. Let us know before sending sensitive information or file attachments. We will send you a secure “seed” email in which you can reply to using Voltage encryption technology.

Voltage Security is a third party email security service, not affiliated with Pacific Crest Savings Bank. For more information you can visit their website at

Voltage Secure Email Instructions

  • Recipients will receive a message with an attachment called: message_zdm.html.

  • vsn-receive-zdm

    • Select the option to “view” the message.

    • Select the box “Click to Read Message”.

    • You browser may display a warning message “You are submitting information to an external page. Are you sure”? Select OK.


    • First time users will be directed to a Voltage link from your Internet Browser asking you to choose your email address. Select the radio button for your address then select “View Message”.

    • If you have not yet registered, you will be directed to another Voltage link where you need to enter your full name and create a password for your account.

    • Once again, you will be directed to another Voltage link to check your email. Follow the instructions on the page.

    • Select the email message from Ensure that you have “display images” enabled.

    • In this email you will be provided a link to verify your email address. Either select the link or copy and paste it into your web browser.

    • Your email will now be viewable.


    • You will have the option to “Reply”, “Reply to All” or “Forward” your message. If you wish to attach a file use the browse option to select a file. To send, select the “Send Secure” button.

    For more detailed instructions and video demonstration using Voltage SecureMail, visit the Voltage Quick Start Guide at

    Voltage images courtesy of Voltage Security, Inc. ¯ Used with permission.